Porn Material:Lucknow University study when "pornographic photos" and "messages" started appearing in WhatsApp group

Around 170 BA students were added through a link circulated by the teachers to join the group. Some students walked out by posting lewd messages and later re-joined the group.

Porn Material:Lucknow University study when "pornographic photos" and "messages" started appearing in WhatsApp group
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New Delhi: Obscene photos and lewd comments started flashing in a WhatsApp group created by students of the Department of Ancient Indian History and Archeology (AIHA) at Lucknow University (LU). After this incident, the students there have been scared. In this regard, the Chief Superintendent of the University lodged a complaint with the Hasanganj police station on Sunday. The accused students are yet to be identified.

Obscene images and obscene messages were posted late Saturday night in a WhatsApp group created by the student on the instructions of the faculty for paper presentation. The students say that the mobile number of the miscreant students was seen in the group, it belonged to a boy of the same class. However, when asked, he has denied his involvement.

The person kept using abusive and objectionable language

A student said, "Late Saturday at around 11.58 pm, the first obscene picture was posted on the group with the name and phone number of our male classmate. There was a message after the picture. In which four girl students were targeted through obscene messages. She said that the man continued to use abusive and objectionable language to the girl students and teachers of the class as well.

... then she posted pornographic pictures

In a screenshot of the group shared by the students, the woman, who has been requesting teachers late in the night, has several messages from students asking them to look into the matter and take strict action. Despite repeated requests, the unruly element also sent abusive messages to four class boys and tarnished the name of a faculty member and then posted obscene pictures.

One of these students said that, when the abuses crossed all limits and derogatory words were used against our faculty member, I asked the Vice Chancellor Professor AK Rai and Dean, Students Welfare, Professor Poonam to look into the matter. Tagging Tandon took to Twitter. .

irregular element wrote abusive messages

The student reported that the erratic element posted obscene pictures, wrote derogatory messages and was immediately kicked out of the group. He again joined back with a different name and number. When no action was taken by the LU officials, later on Sunday a complaint was sent to the LU Proctor's office by Prof. Piyush Bhargava, Head of Department, AIHA, on the basis of which the Hasanganj police station Application for action was given by Chief Proctor Dinesh Kumar in

Case registered at Hasanganj police station 

The superintendent said that we have registered a police complaint in this regard at Hasanganj police station. Also, we have shared a screenshot of the WhatsApp group and phone number. Which was used along with the name and contact number of that student. Whose name was porn. Online classes have been very useful for education during the pandemic, but such cases are also increasing continuously.