Monsoon Diet Tips: Do not eat these things even in monsoon, know the exact diet plan for the rainy season.

Monsoon Health Tips: It is very important to take care of health in monsoon, because infection of many diseases increases in this season. In such a situation, taking a healthy diet is considered beneficial for mental and physical health.

Monsoon Diet Tips: Do not eat these things even in monsoon, know the exact diet plan for the rainy season.
Monsoon tips

Monsoon is loved by everyone, cool breeze, rain and the sweet fragrance of the earth make people happy. But this season often increases the risk of infection of many types of diseases. Along with this, diseases spread by mosquitoes also become highly infected. 

Experts believe that people should make some changes in their daily life during the rainy season, so that their body's immunity can increase. To increase immunity, it is necessary to take regular and healthy food. According to many research, our food and drink have an effect on our physical and mental health. Special attention should be paid to your diet and daily exercise during the monsoon season. 

what should be your diet during monsoon 

Drink clean water
Many people drink borewell or tap water in their homes which can be injurious to their health during the monsoon season. In fact, during the rainy season, many types of germs can grow in borewell or tap water. These germs can cause diarrhoea, stomach infection and typhoid. That is why clean water should be drunk during the rainy season. 

Distance from fast food, oily food In the 
rainy season, every person likes to eat spicy and oily things. But by consuming these things, you can get many types of stomach related diseases. Experts say that during the monsoon season our metabolism becomes weak, due to which many diseases can occur. 

We all have heard neither leafy vegetables or green vegetables  that green vegetables are very beneficial for our health. However, experts believe that we should avoid them during the rainy season. This is because due to the humidity and humidity in the rainy season, many pathogens can grow on the leaves of green vegetables. Therefore, vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and spinach should not be consumed in this season. 

Beverages and Masala Chai During the 
rainy season, due to the humidity, the fluid inside the body gets exhausted. In such a situation, we should drink water to control the amount of fluid inside the body. Along with this, you can drink decoction and special masala tea which contains beneficial spices like ginger, cardamom and basil.

Eat fresh food, eat salad is beneficial for our health, but in the summer season we should avoid it. Experts believe that microbes may be present inside some vegetables in salads. That is why we should eat cooked food during the rainy season. Seafood should also be avoided during this season.

Spices have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties inside. Therefore, using spices like turmeric, black pepper and cloves in your food will be beneficial for your health. It will protect your body from infection and increase immunity.