Somebody even plays with a snake! This man has a strange hobby, gives him love like a child [Video]

Viral Video: Seeing the snake which blows people's senses, it is natural to be surprised if someone raises it like their own children. Brian Barzik is one such person, whose video is going viral on social media.

Somebody even plays with a snake! This man has a strange hobby, gives him love like a child [Video]
Somebody even plays with a snake! This person has a strange hobby, gives love to them like children. photo credit: Instagram

New Delhi: Seeing snakes, the senses of good people fly away. But there is a person who is very much in love with snakes. So much so that he keeps them in his house, plays with them and loves them like his own children. He keeps not only small snakes in his house, but also such giant snakes, whose weight is so much that it is difficult to lift them. This man has taken many people by surprise.

This person is Brian Barzik, who is very fond of snakes. He keeps them in his house in the same way as people keep a dog or cat in their homes. If he feeds snakes, he also makes all such arrangements, which are needed by snakes. He has also shared a video on his Instagram page, in which he can be seen lifting snakes in his lap, feeding them. Many of these weigh so much that they are difficult to lift.

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Brian has been collecting and caring for snakes in his house for the past several years. Under the organization 'The Reptile Army', he has made many efforts towards saving snakes from unsafe conditions. He has been doing this since 1989, which shows his love for snakes. The video he shared with snakes on Instagram has been viewed 23,743 times. People are getting surprised to see this and giving different types of comments.

On social media, most people have commented about giant snakes, while Brian has also expressed surprise about mixing with snakes in this way. At the same time, Brian has also written a warning with the video, in which he has said that no one should treat snakes in the same way unless there is an expert with them or about the behavior of snakes. They don't know.