Lovlina Borgohain sighed, said - worked hard for 8 years, no intention of stopping only on the bronze medal

Lovlina Borgohain: The 23-year-old boxer from Assam will face current world champion Busanez Surmeneli of Turkey. Lovlina said that I should not stop at the bronze medal. My target is gold medal.

Lovlina Borgohain sighed, said - worked hard for 8 years, no intention of stopping only on the bronze medal
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New Delhi: Boxer Lovlina Borgohain, who was sure of India's second Olympic medal, said on Friday that she did not enter the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Games with any strategy but played according to the conditions inside the ring as she compared to the Chinese Taipei boxer. She had lost four times before. Lovlina defeated former world champion Nien Chin Chen 4-1 to ensure India's second medal at the Games, entering the semi-finals.

The 23-year-old from Assam will face defending world champion Busanez Surmeneli of Turkey. Lovlina said in a virtual press conference from Tokyo, 'I had lost to him (Nien Chin Chen) four times. I wanted to prove myself. I thought this is my chance, now I will take revenge for losing four times.

On the strategy with which she entered the ring, she said, 'There was no strategy as the opponent boxer could have caught it. That's why I thought that I will look in the ring itself and play according to the conditions there. I was playing freely.

8 years of hard work, gold is the goal

The young boxer has reached her first Olympics here after battling a lot of troubles, but right now she does not intend to distract attention by thinking about anything. She said, 'First of all, I am not thinking too much right now. Let me not stop at the bronze medal. I had to prove myself, I have worked hard for eight years to reach here. My target is gold medal. The medal is the same. You have to prepare for that. The strategy for the semi-finals has to be made.

When asked how she became such a fearless boxer, Lovlina said, "I was not like this earlier. Played with fear. The fear slowly faded away by playing in a few tournaments. She was scared even before entering the ring. But then she started believing in herself, whatever people say, it doesn't matter now, due to which she started playing fearlessly. She also considers 'strength conditioning' to be important for improving herself. He said, 'My biggest problem was 'strength', on which I worked a lot. Sports science has benefited a lot.

Asked if there was pressure before playing in the quarterfinals. So he said, 'No pressure was taken, although there was pressure. I thought taking pressure doesn't make me play well. I played 'free' and the thought was to play free of pressure. Whole India is praying, I have to give my 100 percent. She turned Kovid-19 positive last year, after which she could not go to play in the tournament. However, Lovlina did not let this affect her preparations.

Inspired by Muhammad Ali and Mary Kom didi

He said, 'When he returned from Kovid-19, even tournaments were not available because they were not being organized. Couldn't get the feel of the tournament and the 'sparring' was not happening. I thought that how to do, then did the training accordingly. I did well because of our coaches. The Northeast has brought India two medals in boxing which have been won by two women. 

Lovlina, who took inspiration from six-time world champion MC Mary Kom (2012 London Olympics bronze medalist), said, “Mary Kom is an inspiration. I had heard the name of Mary Didi. Have also seen their problems, heard about them, train with them, get to learn a lot from them. Glad we play with him.

Lovlina, a fan of boxing star Mohammad Ali, takes a lot of inspiration from him, saying, he plays distance, has seen his videos a couple of times. I see his 'footwork' and 'long punch' though every boxer is different.

Regarding the next bout, he said, 'There is still time in the semi-finals. The match is on August 4. Have seen the video of Turkish boxer but haven't made any strategy yet.

Lovlina started her career with the martial art 'Mohai Thai', in which both her sisters have won many national titles. So did it give him some advantage in boxing? To this, Lovlina said, 'No benefit was found. learned in one year. Today I live because of him, I cannot speak. What I learned in Mohai Thai made me a national champion as well.