What has changed in the entertainment industry?

LG unveils OLED TV that will create the effect of presence at the event

What has changed in the entertainment industry?
OLED TV that will create the effect of presence at the event .

The rapid development of new technologies has led to changes in all areas of life, including entertainment. Since the beginning of the pandemic, online performances by famous artists, singers and DJs have helped many people not to get depressed and to endure the period of self-isolation easier. After all, as you know, music inspires people and helps to distract from current life, sometimes difficult situations. Today, new technological solutions open up incredible opportunities for the user: from online excursions in museums to traveling around the world in 3D space.

In addition to concerts, virtual meetings with celebrities have become popular in the online space, and many athletes have organized virtual workouts for their fans. Challenges on various topics have become very popular, from who will read more books to who will make breakfast faster. Until now, we cannot visit major exhibitions and sports competitions, all significant events are held online.

Since most of the entertainment at the moment is possible only at home, the expectations of users from technology could not remain unchanged. LG OLED TVs provide the most accurate color reproduction, high contrast and perfect blacks thanks to self-illuminating pixels to convey the immersive experience of events, new films, virtual games. And advanced motion processing technology reduces motion blur for smoother, clearer images. You will notice the smallest details of even the most dynamic game.

Unlike LED TVs, which are limited by backlight technology, LG OLED has exceptional quality and a unique design with a few mm thickness that allows the TV to be mounted close to a wall.