Vaccine less effective on Omicron: Vaccine maker

The vaccine may not be effective at that level

Vaccine less effective on Omicron: Vaccine maker
The new variant of Corona virus

The spike protein of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus has had a lot of mutations compared to other viruses, due to which the current vaccine against it is being feared to be less effective. Vaccines may prove to be less effective in dealing with Omicron variants. Stephane Bensel has warned that it may take several months for pharmaceutical companies to make a vaccine that can give immunity against these new variants. Bensel also said that due to a large number of mutations in the spike protein of the virus, the new variant Omicron may be able to avoid antibodies created after applying the current vaccine. Fear of new variants around the world In an interview to the Financial Times newspaper, he told, "I think, the vaccine may not be effective at that level.

As it was against Delta" Bensel also told that his company can make 2 to 3 billion vaccine doses in the year 2022. However, he also called it dangerous to turn the entire vaccine production against Omicron. He said That other variants of the corona are still spreading and they can be dangerous. Based on the words of the Chief Executive of Moderna, it is being speculated that the corona epidemic can be prolonged for a long time. Not only this, but this new variant can also cause people to become sicker and hospitalized. Biotech chief claims Biotech company CEO Ugur Sahin has claimed that Biotech and Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine is due to the new Omicron virus. Will give powerful protection against any serious disease.

However, the company is also considering the need to upgrade its existing vaccine. Ugur Sahin said, "We understand that it is likely that people will have adequate protection against serious illness caused by Omicron." According to Sahin, serious illness may mean hospitalization or need for intensive care. Over the next two weeks, people taking two or three doses of Biontech's Comirnati vaccine are being tested in their blood to see if the antibodies found in it are capable of neutralizing Omicron. This will tell whether a new vaccine is needed to fight Omicron. On the other hand, the biotech company is working fast on making an enhanced dosage of its vaccine and its 2 billion doses have been supplied. The fear of prolonging the epidemic from Omicron is being seen on the stock markets around the world.