There is no money even for the salary of the employees in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is facing a humanitarian crisis

There is no money even for the salary of the employees in Afghanistan
No cash to pay salaries in Afghanistan

There is currently no system to transfer salaries through bank accounts in Afghanistan, which is facing a humanitarian crisis. In such a situation, the international aid organizations working there are looking for ways to pay salaries to their employees. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says Afghanistan is currently facing a humanitarian crisis and aid organizations are finding it difficult to pay salaries to doctors, nurses, and other workers. This is because there is no mechanism in the bank to transfer the salary.

According to ICRC President Peter Maurer, the real problem in Afghanistan is not hunger. He told the Associated Press that the real issue was paying salaries to people involved in social services because the country was short of cash. “We must not forget that most of the doctors, nurses, water and electricity supply workers are the same people who do the work. Change has happened only in leadership. Those are the people who do the work. The head of the Red Cross said Afghanistan could face a hunger crisis if grain production and the country's economy continue to suffer. He insisted that the payment of wages should be done soon to rescue the people from the crisis.

“If people do not get basic food, they will get sick. That's why I am concerned about the interrelationship of food, health, water, sanitation, electricity, and the education system. Maurer's concerns are similar to those expressed by the UN special envoy in Afghanistan in the past. The special envoy had said that the country was on the verge of a major humanitarian catastrophe. The country's economy has shrunk by 40 percent since the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August. The ICRC is currently temporarily liquidating, converting dollars into the local currency, and paying salaries to some of its employees.

The US Treasury Department has given the ICRC permission to do so. The Red Cross has also struck an agreement with the Taliban-run Ministry of Health, under which it can pay salaries to its employees without the Taliban's permission. The Taliban leadership recently banned transactions in all foreign currencies. The Taliban have called on the US to lift sanctions on Afghan assets abroad so that the government can pay salaries to teachers, doctors, and other government employees.