The world's first 3D printed bridge opens in Amsterdam

The 3D-printed bridge has appeared in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

The world's first 3D printed bridge opens in Amsterdam
3D printed bridge

Bizarre structure made of stainless steel was installed on one of the city's canals. It took six months to assemble the bridge, 12.2 meters long and 6.3 meters wide.

“We used gas and standard welding wire. Using our accumulated welding experience, we have created a bridge using a technology that is easy to use and is already used in most industrial companies , ”said Geis van der Velden, CEO of MX3D.

He added that the process of making a bridge using a 3D printer did not require additional competencies beyond the skills of a welder.

The advantage of the new structure was called the ability to subsequently repair it as a designer, replacing the necessary parts with new ones. In addition, the bridge is equipped with sensors that measure material stress, load, and even nearby air quality.

In March, it was reported that the US state of California will have the first 3D-printed area. On a 2-hectare site in the town of Rancho Mirage in the Coachella Valley, 15 houses will be built from environmentally friendly materials. It is noted that for the construction of a standard object with an area of ​​33 sq. m will take less than a day.