The person could not return home for two years due to Corona

This is the story of Muhammad Faris of Malaysia

The person could not return home for two years due to Corona
Malaysia and Singapore Border

This is the story of Muhammad Faris of Malaysia. Faris used to visit Singapore daily in connection with work. In March 2020, when the borders were sealed due to Corona, Faris got stuck in Singapore. Now he has been able to meet his family again. Muhammad Faris Abdullah's house is in Malaysia and the office is in Singapore. Before the Corona epidemic, it took him only 30 minutes daily to travel from home to office. But in March 2020, when the national borders were sealed without any prior warning, 37-year-old Faris, who was working as a driver in a food delivery company, got stuck in Singapore. A place where he did not even have any home or bar. Due to the relaxation of Corona restrictions, Faris has been able to reunite with his family after almost two years this week. In a conversation, while leaving for Johor Bahru, a city in the far southern tip of Malaysia, Faris said, "

The border between Malaysia and Singapore is one of the busiest land borders in the world. When this border was closed due to Corona, thousands of people from both countries got stuck in the neighboring country away from their homes and families. The son of Seema Seal Faris was four years old in the lockdown when he last saw him. Now he is six years old. Faris was very emotional when meeting him again after so long. He said, "I was surprised to see him. He's too tall. His shoe number is too big. I'll have to spend more time with him to understand him better." Name of Faris' son It is Muhammad Ishaq bin Muhammad Faris.

After so many months he was very happy to meet his father again. Said, "I used to miss Papa a lot. Papa is back, I am very happy" The past months were very difficult for Faris. For the first six months after the border was sealed due to Corona, he did not even have a place to hide his head. Under compulsion, he had to sleep inside his car. Later he went to live with his brother. Faris says that he had also become friends with many people trapped in foreign countries like himself. Omicron raises concern Ground and air travel between Malaysia and Singapore has resumed this week. At present, only people who have been vaccinated can move across the border.