Taliban said in viral audio, Pakistan has ruined our respect

An audio is viral in Kabul amid the formation of an interim government by the Taliban.

Taliban said in viral audio, Pakistan has ruined our respect
Taliban said Pakistan has ruined our respect

According to the viral audio, this audio has indicated a rift between the Taliban and Pakistan over cabinet posts. Along with this, there have also been indications of interference of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI in the cabinet. Since September 10, an audio has gone viral on social media in which a Taliban commander, in conversation with other commanders, says that Pakistan has tarnished the Taliban's reputation internationally.

The main reason for the rift between the Taliban and Pakistan is the cabinet formation where ISI chief Faiz Hameed proposed the names of Haqqani Network and Quetta Shura. The Taliban commander can be heard saying that Punjabi General Hameed has created a big problem for them. The voice of the viral audio is being told of Mullah Fazal, Deputy Defense Minister of the Taliban. Those who are saying about the ISI chief that Pakistan has stopped the formation of an inclusive government.

The Taliban had previously said it would form an inclusive government that would include leaders from Tajik, Uzbek communities as well as other minority communities. Along with this, the Taliban had also claimed to include the old leaders of Afghanistan to get international recognition, but after the formation of the government, all these claims of the Taliban have proved to be hollow.

ISI chief has forced the Haqqani network and Quetta Shura people to be cabinet members of the Taliban. The viral audio also pointed to a gunfight between Taliban commanders and the bodyguards of the ISI chief at Rashtrapati Bhavan.