Taiwan's advice to China on the New Year

Independence is not a crime

Taiwan's advice to China on the New Year
Working for democracy and freedom is not a crime

Taiwan has given advice to China on the new year. Taiwan has told China that freedom is not a crime. There will be a war of democracy against dictatorship. Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen said on Saturday that Taiwan has faced a lot of pressure regarding its independence and democracy due to military and diplomatic pressure from China.

The President said, 'Working for democracy and freedom is not a crime. Taiwan's position in support of Hong Kong will not change. Despite expressing our concerns, we are very serious about our hard-won freedom and democracy and we enjoy it too.

The President of Taiwan took the name of China and said that we will make Taiwan better than before. We will show the world that democratic Taiwan has the guts to break out of the shadow of authoritarian China and become even better and that we can withstand the pressure.

China considers Taiwan as its part. To counter China's aggressive stance, Taiwan is strengthening its ties with many other democratic countries, including the US. China has even threatened Taiwan that its independence means war.

Due to increasing diplomatic pressure from China, the President of Taiwan said that it is necessary to connect with the world to preserve the country's independence and democracy. She said that by being connected to the world, our economic development continues, our social security network also remains strong and it also protects the self-respect of our country. This strategy is necessary for a stable government here in the year 2022.