Seeing Alia Bhatt in live concert, the fan started crying

The actress said not to cry after doing flying kisses

Seeing Alia Bhatt in live concert, the fan started crying
Rocky and Rani's love story

The video of Alia Bhatt and one of her fans is becoming quite viral on social media. In this, Alia's fan starts shouting after seeing her. On this, Alia responds with great love to that fan. Aaliya even gave him a flying kiss. When this fan of hers started getting emotional due to Alia's reply, Alia shouts from afar and says don't cry. After this, in a gesture, she says that we will meet later. Alia went to AP Dhillon's live concert with Ranveer Singh. Together, the two are shooting for Rocky and Rani's love story

Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh are shooting for Karan Johar's Rocky and Rani Ki love story. Taking a break from the shooting in Delhi, both the actors were seen having fun at the live concert of singer AP Dhillon. Many of his videos are going viral. One of these videos is of Alia and her fan. According to Viral Bhaiyani's Instagram, the name of this fan is Suhawani. 

It is seen in the video that the fan recognizes Alia and starts shouting. Alia is seen holding coffee in her hand. Seeing Aaliya, the fan gives her hand, then Aaliya also waves in response. After this someone's voice comes from behind, she is a big fan of Alia. After this, the fan says I love you to Alia, then Alia says I love you to her in response. Suhawani shouts and says, I have met you. Aaliya replies I remember your face. When Alia gives a flying kiss, her fan starts crying. Aaliya shouts from the other side, not crying. Then in a gesture she says that we will see you later.