Saudi girls kicking football

The Women's Football League started in conservative Saudi Arabia.

Saudi girls kicking football
The Women's Football League

Saudi Arabia has started many reform programs regarding women in the last few years. One of them is girls playing football. The Women's Football League started on Monday 22 November in conservative Saudi Arabia. It was a big day for Saudi girls and young women in which their old dream came true. Saudi Arabia, which has long faced condemnation for its harsh restrictions on women, lifted a decades-old ban on female footballers just a few years ago. And now the goal is to develop a national team big enough to play in major tournaments.

In Saudi Arabia, where women do not get the right to even basic freedoms, allowing women to participate in sports is considered a big change. It took a long time for women in a conservative country to pursue their passion in sports like football and gain freedom of expression. Saudi, Women, and Reform The decades-old ban on women's participation and training in football was lifted a few years ago. Now Saudi Arabia is not only building its own national team of female footballers but also wants to train them to international standards so that they can participate in major world football events. The ultra-conservative country has also faced intense international criticism for its poor human rights record. Now that the Arab monarchy has decided to bring women to the fore in world sports like football,

One of the main reasons for the extraordinary pressure and criticism from the West on Saudi Arabia is the imprisonment of Saudi women activists or women activists for their rights. Saudi women's football team Saudi Arabia has launched several reform programs over the years, but the Saudi Football Federation's announcement of the Women's Football League this month is considered the latest and most important step. The announcement states that 16 women's football teams will join the Women's Football League. These teams will take part in the games to be held in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam. Many Saudi women are very happy to be allowed to become football players. Expressing his happiness, Farah Jaffrey said that she looks forward to playing in the biggest football stage of the World Cup alongside the top England team as well as in her own country.