Omicron variant will be even more lethal

Warns scientist who created Covishield

Omicron variant will be even more lethal
vaccine less effective in fighting Omicron

The Omicron variant of Covid-19 has raised the concern of many countries of the world. Meanwhile, the scientist who created the Kovidshield vaccine has warned that the next virus could be even more deadly. The scientist who created the Oxford-Astrazhenka vaccine, known as Kovishield in India, said that the next virus could be more dangerous than the Covid crisis. 

Oxford University professor Sarah Gilbert also warned that the vaccine could prove to be less effective for the new variant Omicron. Professor Sarah Gilbert said that more funding is also needed to prevent future epidemics and reduce the damage caused by it. The professor said, 'This is not the last time when people have come in panic due to a virus and due to this, lives are being lost. The truth is that the next one could be even more dangerous. It can be more contagious, more lethal, or both.

He said, 'We can never forget the lesson this pandemic has taught us. Now we cannot allow the situation to arise which we have gone through. After this, more funding will be needed to recover from the economic loss that has happened. He said that until it is known how effective the vaccine is in fighting the new variant, we should adopt more protective measures.

scientists have also feared that the third wave of coronavirus epidemic from the new form of SARS-CoV-2, Omicron, may reach its peak in February when there is a possibility of one lakh to one and a half lakh cases per day in the country. Manindra Agarwal, a scientist at the Indian Institute of Technology involved in the mathematical estimation of Covid-19, has said this. He said that in the new estimate, the Omicron form has been included as a factor.