Objection to Modi's invitation to US conference on democracy

The first global conference on democracy is being held in America.

Objection to Modi's invitation to US conference on democracy
The first global conference on democracy

Human rights activists have objected to inviting leaders, including India's Narendra Modi, whose record is questionable. US President Joe Biden is preparing to deliver a speech at a conference called the Summit for Democracy. This is the first conference of its kind in more than a hundred countries, in which democratic values ​​​​and human rights violations are to be discussed worldwide. 

But many human rights activists are looking at this conference with suspicion because some such leaders have been invited to attend this conference whose own record is questionable. Anne Boyajian, vice president at Freedom House, a non-governmental organization working in the field of human rights and democracy, says such a convention is meaningless without democratic commitments. They said, " If this conference is to be anything more than one more meeting, then all participants, including the United States, will have to make meaningful commitments to democracy and human rights in the coming year." Photos: The 'Summit for Democracy' painting on the ruins is to be held in the second week of December.

US officials said the conference was only the beginning of a long discussion on democracy and that countries wishing to participate in the upcoming conferences would have to keep promises of reforms. Selected Guests This conference is also a test of US President Joe Biden's claim that he made during the first announcement of foreign policy. In this speech in February this year, Biden said that the US would return to its role of global leadership and respond to forces like China and Russia. The American magazine Politico has published a list of potential guests coming to this conference. There will be mature democracies like France and Sweden, then there will be the Philippines and Poland, which human rights activists say is democracy in danger there. Countries like America's allies Japan and South Korea are invited from Asia but Thailand and Vietnam have not been invited. There are very few guests from the Middle East. For example, Israel and Iraq are on the list, but the names of Egypt and NATO member Turkey, considered America's allies, are missing.

Human rights organizations are praising Biden for making democratic rights a priority for his foreign policy. Biden's move assumes significance, especially after his predecessor Donald Trump's low interest in the matter and controversial statements. Trump had praised President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt and Vladimir Putin of Russia. Objection to India Human rights activists suspect that calling in leaders with poor records undermines the credibility of the convention. But at the same time, it is also being said that this conference is a new front against China and other rivals. Amy Hawthorne, director of research at Project on Middle East Democracy, said: It is clear that the strategy to compete with China has invited its neighbors like India and the Philippines, whose democratic values ​​here are on the verge of erosion. The same can be said about Iraq, where democracy is a victim of confusion but which is a neighbor of Iran. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has said that he "doesn't care about human rights.

Human rights organization Freedom House says about India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he is taking India towards autocracy. Both the leaders have been called to the conference. Know: Riots in India reduced by 14 percent "This is not an endorsement of anybody. You are a democracy, you are not. We have not gone through this process," the official said on condition of anonymity. We had to make the choice on the basis of regional diversity, he said.