Now Aam Aadmi Party formed in Pakistan

A former general launches the Aam Admi movement party in pakistan.

Now Aam Aadmi Party formed in Pakistan
Aam Aadmi Party formed in Pakistan

There has been a huge protest against the Imran government in Pakistan for the last few days. The Jamaat-e-Islami is preparing for a large-scale protest against the Imran Khan government regarding the economic condition of Pakistan. Amidst all this, a new party has been announced in Pakistan, which is being discussed.

Former army officer and retired diplomat Major General Saad Khattak have announced the Pakistan Aam Aadmi Movement (PAAM) party. He has said that the aim of his party is to bring the common man to power by ending feudal politics.

Launching the party in Karachi, he said that the time has come for the common man to take over the power by removing the families, feudatories, and capitalists. He has said that the present justice system has failed to deliver justice. 
PAAM had registered the party with the Election Commission of Pakistan in November 2021. Although it has been launched in Karachi on 16 January.