Most Germans want to work from home

The employees in Germany who are working from home due to Corona want to do the same in future also.

Most Germans want to work from home
Work from home

Two-thirds of people consider it appropriate to continue working from home even after the pandemic. Opinion poll surveyor YouGov has released its latest survey report for work from home employees. According to the survey, those working from home want to continue their work from home even after the epidemic is over. More than two-thirds of such people in the survey have said this. An organization Eon has done this survey.

Survey data YouGov surveyed, 71 percent of respondents said they would prefer to work from home in the future. At the start of the pandemic in May last year, the number was just 58 percent, and that rate was considered abnormal. After the Corona epidemic, many countries adopted the practice of work from home. At least 26 percent of those surveyed always preferred to continue working from home and about 45 percent favored working from a home office and sometimes in the company workplace during the week. Reasons for preferring home office According to the survey, one of the main reasons for employees preferring home office is the time saved in commuting from home.

Employees feel comfortable staying away from travel-related hassles in commuting to and from the office. This year more than 70 percent of the people voted in favor of retaining the Home Office due to the avoidance of this crisis. The 75 percent of people who support the Home Office also love the ease and flexibility of working. 52 percent of people say that a home office is better because traveling less is actually more eco-friendly. Similar results to the British survey A similar survey conducted for the Home Office in the United Kingdom has yielded more or less similar results. Two-thirds of British employees surveyed said they are happy with the changes in their lives at home.

In the same survey, a large number of employees want a 'hybrid schedule'. In this hybrid work style, he wants to spend half the day in the office and half the day outside the office. A third of employees believe that the home office has worsened their mental state. The British company that conducted the survey interviewed a thousand people, and a little over half of them were concerned about going to the office.