Joe Biden, Fauchi, Zuckerberg and Obama's name in hit list

America president Joe Biden and his adviser in the hit list

Joe Biden, Fauchi, Zuckerberg and Obama's name in hit list
Jeong was going to kill the devils

The hit list of this person included many celebrities including US President Joe Biden and his advisor. The man was slowly moving towards the White House with a pistol, but before he could succeed in his objective, the police caught him. According to reports, the name of this 25-year-old man is Keochua Brillian Jeong. An AR-15 rifle and ammunition have been recovered from it. On December 21, this man was caught driving very aggressively in Iowa State. 

According to some documents placed in federal court last Tuesday, Jeong had a GPS device in which the address of the White House was entered. He said that he was going to kill the devils. He told investigators that he knew of a place in the White House building from where he could easily enter.

Jeong told investigators that it was imperative to free the United States from the demons and that it was necessary that those with powers be killed. Only he can kill these people. It is being told that Jeong had a hit list. US President Joe Biden, his chief medical adviser, and infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci were named in this list. 

Apart from these, the names of Bill Clinton, Obama, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg were also on this list. During interrogation, Jeong said that no one can destroy his plan to break into the White House and kill those on the hit list. Jeong also said that if he was released, he would immediately reach the White House in Washington and carry out his plan. At present, further legal action is being taken against Jeong.