Israel's havoc rained on Iran

Four pro-Iran fighters have been killed in an Israeli airstrike in Syria.

Israel's havoc rained on Iran
Israeli airstrike in Syria

The pro-Iran fighters belong to the Damascus region. According to Syrian media, some people have been targeted in the capital of Damascus. It said the Israeli enemy carried out airstrikes. During this, some places in the city of Homs along with Damascus were targeted.

Claims to Respond Correctly,
Syria's human rights body said that our air defense system correctly responded to airstrikes and shot down several missiles. According to this, the target of Israeli missiles was Arms Depot and Military Position. In this, the Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah, Qawra, Damascus, and Homs provinces and the border of Lebanon have been targeted. Four pro-Iranian fighters were killed in this attack. Although it was not clear whether the fighters were Syrian (Lebanese). 

Hundreds of targets have been targeted,
The two missiles have fallen in the Calamaun area. On the other hand, the Israeli military rarely takes responsibility for the airstrikes carried out in Syria. An Israeli army spokesman said he would not comment on information received from foreign media. Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes on Syrian territories since the start of the war in Syria about 10 years ago. During this, members of joint Iranian forces and Hezbollah have been targeted from various positions. Significantly, Israel has been saying that it will never allow Syria to become stronger in the territory of its enemy Iran.