Israel has banned the sale of fur for the production of clothing.

Israel becomes first nation to ban sale of fur for fashion purpose

Israel has banned the sale of fur for the production of clothing.

Israel became the first country in the world to ban the sale of natural fur for clothing. The relevant document , amending the Wildlife Protection Regulations of 1976, was signed by the Minister of the Environment, Gila Gamliel. According to the document, licenses for the sale of fur and products containing fur can be issued only if it concerns issues of religion and traditions, scientific and educational purposes. The new rules take effect six months after signing.

“The fur industry kills hundreds of millions of animals around the world and is implicated in indescribable cruelty and suffering. The use of leather and fur in the fashion industry is immoral and certainly not mandatory, ”said Ms Gamliel at the signing ceremony.

The introduction of the ban did not come as a surprise to the Israelis: the minister announced her intention to ban the trade in fur for the production of clothing back in October last year, using practically the same words about the indescribable cruelty and immorality of this kind of trade. At the same time, she enlisted the support of a well-known animal rights activist, Knesset Deputy Mika Haimovich, who, among other things, chairs the Knesset's profile committee.

As the first independent state to impose such a ban, Israel is still not an absolute pioneer in this matter: the state of California introduced a similar ban in 2019.