Iran denies the news of plane hijack

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has also denied the hijacking reports.

Iran denies the news of plane hijack
Plane hijack

Ukraine's Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Yesenin has informed that a Ukrainian plane has been hijacked by unknown people. This plane had reached Afghanistan to pick up the people of Ukraine. Yesenin has given this information to the news agency. Now the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has also denied the hijacking reports.

Yevgeny Yesenin has told that on 22 August we learned that one of our planes had been hijacked. Then on 24 August, it was discovered that the plane had been stolen. Instead of airlifting Ukrainian citizens, the plane took off for Iran with an unidentified group of passengers. Our next rescue mission was also unsuccessful as our men could not reach the premises of Kabul airport. 

Iran's denial

However, Iran has denied this of Ukraine. According to reports, Iran's aviation regulator denied Ukraine's claim, saying that the Ukrainian plane stopped for fuel in Mashhad on the night of 23 August and then went to Ukraine and reached Kiev at 9:50 pm.

Ukraine Foreign Ministry also denies hijacking reports

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry chairman Oleg Nikolenko told the media that no Ukrainian plane was hijacked in Kabul or anywhere else. Some media outlets are giving information about the 'hijack' plane which is not in accordance with reality.

According to Yevgeny Yesenin, the hijackers were armed. Although he did not say anything about what happened to the plane, whether Ukraine will take back the plane, and what Ukraine is doing to take back this plane. All he has informed that the entire diplomatic service, headed by Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, was 'working in crash test mode' throughout the week.