Ida storm in America so far 82 people died

Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc in America.

Ida storm in America so far 82 people died
Ida storm in America

The death toll in the US due to Hurricane Ida has risen to 82. The News broadcaster, citing data from provincial officials, said 30 people had died in the southeastern states, including Louisiana, and 52 in the northeastern regions. Life has become difficult for people. After heavy and rain, many areas have no electricity for weeks and people have to struggle.

About 10 days ago, Hurricane Ida caused extensive damage in areas of the Gulf Coast, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. US President Joe Biden has recently visited several hurricane-affected areas.

The situation is very bad in New York and New Jersey, there are dozens of victims here. Several deaths have also occurred in Pennsylvania and Louisiana, with many residents living without power for a week after the storm hit. More than 40 deaths were previously reported in the northeastern US.

Most of the victims lived in basements which were later flooded with water. The storm weakened significantly after hitting Louisiana on August 29, but it was accompanied by heavy rain and thunderstorms.