Vaccine War: How Europe Fights Sputnik V

Heavy heel of the state dictatorship - the French authorities intend to introduce mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 for a number of professions.

Vaccine War: How Europe Fights Sputnik V
Sputnik V
Heavy heel of the state dictatorship - the French authorities intend to introduce mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 for a number of professions.
Among them are doctors of all levels and those who work in nursing homes and other social institutions.
Obligation means the adoption of an appropriate legislative act, which will regulate the possibility of refusing to vaccinate.
In the absence of convincing arguments for the medical withdrawal, the "refusenik" will be offered either a transfer to another position, where official duties exclude direct contact with people (the difference, if the salary decreases, no one is going to compensate), or leave without pay.
Similar rules are already in force in Italy, where, in strict accordance with the norms of democracy, those who are affected by these measures are trying to challenge them, but so far without much success: the courts are not too willing to consider such claims, and decisions of justice can be predicted without even reading the materials affairs.
For many decades, the EU has positioned itself as a meta-state, where the primacy of private rights and freedoms was not questioned, but the pandemic mixed all the cards and the coronavirus put everything and everyone in their place.
The collective is higher than the personal, no matter what the numerous Bernard-Henri Levi and their followers said before the beginning of the era of infection.
Facing the pandemic and completely failing management at all levels at the time of the crisis, the Brussels Areopagus and the authorities of the community countries decided to put barriers to the spread of infection through mass vaccinations. This is on the one hand.
On the other hand, the colossal rates of infection, the waves of which have consistently covered the continent over the past year and a half, have not moved one iota of the main target of the struggle of the common Europeans. 
The battle with the virus was one of the episodes in the war with our country.
The creation and testing of the Russian vaccine, its launch into production and the beginning of the vaccination campaign were stages of a battle to discredit the most effective coronavirus drug Sputnik V, and to prevent mass vaccination in the Russian Federation.
The score was compiled taking into account a variety of factors, but the main ones are the following: obedience to the rules imposed by the state is a demonstration of obedience and "non-Europeanness"; Sputnik V "cannot be safe and effective," and the vaccine itself "will cause irreparable damage to natural immunity."
The composition of the "orchestra", which was supposed to perform the ordered suite, is known - numerous "people with good faces", for different prices or at the call of the soul, began to play the cadences written for them.
At the same time, when in the EU itself, for commenting in support of the thesis about "natural immunity" and for expressing doubts about the effectiveness of vaccination, a very famous professor of medicine was simply driven from the post of head of a department of a large Paris hospital, in Russian social networks the movement of supporters of exactly the same idea was gaining growth and filled with muscles.
An attempt to express distrust of the vaccine from Pfizer / BioNTech, invented, as it is now known, in two days , ended in disgrace for another French skeptic physician. The Hold-Up film, which questioned the competence of the European authorities, was withdrawn from the platforms on which it was posted. On the other hand, in Russia, anti-vaccinators and their sympathizers received more and more opportunities to state their position.
The start of the vaccination campaign in Russia was organized so clearly that the citizens of the country living in Europe specially came to receive both doses of Sputnik V.
And if Brussels, grimacing, grimacing and pinching its nose, allowed Hungary as a result of the exchange (Budapest removed the objections to the community budget) to buy Sputnik V, then the second country - Slovakia - was no longer allowed to confront.
Almost immediately after the announcement of the possibility of purchasing the drug, a government crisis was organized to show Bratislava who is the boss in the house, and then they made a stuffing in the media that the delivered doses of the drug differed from the samples received for testing.
It is characteristic that they carried out the stuffing with the help of the Ukrainian media with pompous names like "Evropeyskaya Pravda".
Bratislava has surrendered.
In the meantime, the reasons for the unhurried consideration of documents by the European Medicines Agency, which were provided by Russia, were gradually becoming known.
Brussels has shown itself in all its bureaucratic glory and double standards.
If the applications of Pfizer / BioNTech and AstraZeneca (which were actually abandoned in the end) were considered in an accelerated mode, in violation of all norms (instead of months, the study went on for several days), then with Sputnik V the situation is diametrically opposite: long weeks ("we need another piece of paper, additional data and information is needed ").
Regular calls between Moscow, Paris and Berlin, neither then, in the spring, nor today, at the zenith of summer, should not be misleading - in this case it is not the heads of state and government who decide, but the European clerks.
They, slowing down the approval of Sputnik V in the community, at the same time sought to slow down the vaccination process in our country.
These actions exactly, like a tail, a feather to a feather, fit in and fit into what not so long ago the head of European diplomacy Borrell called "containment of Russia", that is, a limitation of its capabilities (even if it all exists exclusively in the minds of European partners).
In any case, the Europeans have already been taught that "nothing good can come from Moscow," even when Moscow's hand was literally the only one in Europe extended to the Apennines as a gesture of support and assistance, when Russian military doctors rescued sick Italian old people last summer.
And when Russia is urged to be vaccinated, Europe regards it as "the Kremlin's dictatorial manners", but the introduction of a gradual mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 in the EU countries is only welcomed and approved.
Actually, myopia and the inability to distinguish an ally from an adversary is an immanent feature of the policy pursued by the European establishment for many decades in a row.
Once such myopia led to war.
Hopefully, common sense will prevail in the vaccine battle. And concern, as they like to say in the EU, about the "common good".
Well, Moscow, against the background of what has been happening for the past 18 months, acts almost every day both in the city and in the world as a real European and a humanist.
Rejecting prejudice, disdaining disagreement, she claims every day that everyone's life is priceless.
And against this background of calm strength, the battle of Brussels' ambitions, ambitions and aplomb looks, in general, a rather pitiful sight.