Heavy floods have started in Europe due to heavy rains

Bad weather triggered floods in Western and Central Europe.

Heavy floods have started in Europe due to heavy rains

Floods began in parts of Western and Central Europe after heavy rains on Wednesday night.

This problem affected Germany, in particular, Saxony. In some areas, the lower floors of residential buildings have been flooded, trees have been felled, and the power supply system has been disrupted. In the city of Jestadt, a man went missing after his house was flooded.

In addition, the German meteorological services expect an "emergency storm" in western Germany and in the central part of the country on Thursday. They warn that up to 200 liters of water per square meter can fall out.

Floods also occurred in the Netherlands and Belgium. Rivers are expected to overflow their banks during this week.

In Switzerland, regional authorities have declared the highest flood threat in the area of ​​Lake Lucerne and have banned navigation on it.

Meteorologists expect flooding on large rivers like this. like Rain, will continue until the end of the week. Usually there are no floods in Europe in summer, floods are more typical for spring, when the snow melts in the mountains.