Google will help you to find lost things

There will be no more tension if a smartphone or car is stolen.

Google will help you to  find lost things
Find My Device

Smartphones and cars are both the most stolen things in today's date. To keep both these things safe and prevent theft, tech company Google is bringing a new feature soon. Google is gearing up to add new features to its "Find My Device" ecosystem. According to a report by 9to5 Google, Google is working on a feature that will help track a lost Android smartphone using another Android phone. Also, the cars that come with the new Android Auto infotainment system will also help track them.

Phone and car tracking can be done without internet 

Another new feature is being included under the Find My Device feature, through which you can share the ownership of your device with anyone else. can do. With this new feature, you will be able to track your lost phone even if there is no internet connection. Bringing you the ability to log in with a Google Account on Google's new Android Auto infotainment system. It will help you track your lost item if it is stolen. This feature of tracking cars is not just limited to the safety of your vehicle. It will also prevent unauthorized access to your Google Account. The report claimed that Google is working on these features and there is no time frame on when these features will be released. 

Google is working on a feature that is similar to Apple's 'Find My' network. In Find My App, you have to sign in with the same Apple ID as your phone's Apple ID. So that it can locate the Apple device if it is lost and also help in keeping track of the Airtag.

Google has yet to officially reveal the details of the new feature and how the existing Android feature will be different from the Find My Device service.