Europeans don't want a covid passport

Residents of several European countries protest against "green passports" and new restrictions.

Europeans don't want a covid passport
The French protested against covid passports

Against the background of an increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Europe, the authorities of some countries have revised their anti-pandemic policy - in a number of states they have decided to strengthen measures, and somewhere to introduce "green passports" that will make it possible to visit public places. Some Europeans found the actions of the authorities outrageous and took to the streets on Saturday.

French against passes

On July 21, France approved the introduction of "sanitary passes" to enter museums and cinemas. Such a pass confirms that the owner has been vaccinated, has a negative test result for coronavirus, or has just had a disease.

Three days later, protests against the new measure were held in Paris, in total more than 160 thousand people took part in them. The protests were not peaceful: in some cities, the protests were accompanied by clashes with the police, attacks on ambulances and vaccination centers, which angered the French who wanted to be vaccinated. Somewhere the security forces even had to use tear gas, and in Paris - water cannons to disperse the protesters gathered on the Champs Elysees.

"No freedom can exist without obligations. There is no freedom when I owe nothing to anyone." - Emmanuel Macron, President of France

Italy and Greece

Almost the same situation has developed in Italy. On Thursday, the Italian government announced that it will not be able to visit a number of public institutions from August 6 without Covid certificates. And already on Saturday, thousands of Italians in 80 cities went to protest against the introduction of certificates. The most massive demonstrations took place in Rome.

In Greece, there is no talk of "green passports" yet, but civil servants, doctors and social workers were ordered to be vaccinated. For this, Molotov cocktails flew to the police, and the security forces responded by using water cannons.

British condemned

Protests against covid certificates were also held in London, but this outraged many on social networks: residents of England, where 80% of Britons live, are no longer required to wear masks and maintain social distance, but they still went to protests. Residents of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - the other three parts of the kingdom where restrictions are still in place - did not understand this behavior of their fellow citizens.

Bad example is contagious

The Australians from Sydney and Melbourne, following the example of the Europeans, also went out to protests the next day - albeit against isolation, which provoked outrage in the society.

"It is useless and will not end the isolation sooner," said Prime Minister Scott Morrison, writes The Guardian. And the Premier of New South Wales Gladys Berejiklyan said that she "feels extreme disgust" for what is happening: "It breaks my heart that people are so disdainful of their fellow citizens."