'Delete the two pictures, burn the jersey',

The former captain spoke to the players of the women's football team in Afghanistan

'Delete the two pictures, burn the jersey',
Women are most concerned and feared by the Taliban

Women are most concerned and feared by the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan. Afghan women, who suffered the brutality of the Taliban regime between 1996 and 2001, know that the days ahead are going to be equally terrifying for them again. This is the reason why the former captain of the Afghanistan women's football team has asked players to delete pictures from social media and burn their kits to save their lives.

Women footballers are scared about the future because terrorists killed, raped, and stoned women under their old regime. The co-founder of the Afghan Women's Football League said that she has always inspired young women to stand up and come out strong, but now her message is different.

Khaleda said, "Today I am asking them to change their name, remove their identity and delete the pictures for their own safety. I am asking him to remove or burn the national team jersey. It is very painful for me, who worked as an activist and did everything possible to get recognition in the national team. How proud we were to have a batch on the chest, to play for the country." 

During the 1996-2001 regime, the Taliban banned women's education and employment while implementing Islamic law in the country. Girls could not go to school and women had to wear a burqa. They were allowed to go out only with a male partner. Women who violated these rules had to face brutal punishment. However, the Taliban have said that they will respect the rights of women within the scope of Islamic law. 

Khaleda said about the situation in Afghanistan that there is a lot of fear and anxiety among the women players. There is no one from whom protection or help can be sought. They are afraid that at any time someone may knock on the door. “We are seeing a country collapse. All the pride, happiness, women empowerment, all in vain."