Covid: a race to stay ahead

Scotland prepares to lift most of its carpet-virus restrictions on July 19

Covid: a race to stay ahead
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UK plans to finally say goodbye to lockdown and distancing. But the Scots decided to leave the masks, and the local authorities explained why

“As for the issue of measures such as protecting the person, I think: since we, the authorities, perceive it as necessary, we should say so to society. We should not rush to abolish important restrictions in order to simplify our life, and then assign responsibility on the people, "said Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's first minister.

France, meanwhile, announced the mandatory vaccination of health workers, the introduction of sanitary passes for visiting catering and cultural events. President Macron has said he is committed to vaccinating the entire population without using the definition of mandatory. However, according to his opponents, this is what awaits the French in the end. Who, it seems, heard their leader: immediately after Macron's speech, the sites for recording for vaccination were overloaded, with 20 thousand people per minute.

Meanwhile, in Denmark, vaccination centers are being set up in neighborhoods for vulnerable groups. In this part of society, only 40% of citizens agree to take the injection so far.