Campus shooting again in America

A 15-year-old high school student suddenly opened fire at his school

Campus shooting again in America

In Michigan, a 15-year-old high school student suddenly opened fire at his school, killing three students. The state government described the shootings on school campuses as a uniquely American problem. The incident took place at Oxford High School in Michigan, about 65 kilometers from Detroit. This 15-year-old student suddenly opened fire with a semi-automatic handgun in the school itself on Tuesday 30 November. All three of the dead were students, while one of the eight injured was a teacher and the rest were students. Two of them are undergoing surgery and the condition of the remaining six is ​​stable.

Police said the student who opened fire was immediately arrested but his motive is yet to be ascertained. The 'American' problem He did this work alone and fired about 15-20 bullets. He did not tell the police about his intentions and demanded the right to consult a lawyer on the advice of his parents. Speaking to reporters, President Joe Biden offered condolences to "families going through the unimaginable grief of the loss of a loved one". Even before this, incidents of shooting like this have happened many times in schools in America.

There is always a debate over the control of the use of guns in America. Keeping arms has been made very easy in many states. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said, "This is a uniquely American problem that we need to solve." Live School Ready 15-year-old school student Abby Hodder told the Detroit Free Press she was in chemistry class when He heard the sound of glass breaking. He said, "My teachers ran outside and started pushing the tables. We are taught in school that we should barricade in such a situation so we all knew this. Then we all started pushing the tables" police said. Appreciated for being prepared for such an incident and for the systematic evacuation of people. Oakland County Police Officer Michael Bouchard said the gun was bought by the student's father. But they do not know what was the reason for buying the gun. Bouchard also told that the student had also practiced using that gun and had also posted his pictures online. Another police officer, Mike McKebe, told that it is being said on social media that there may be an incident of shooting in the school, such discussion was going on before, but the police will now investigate this matter.