America: controversy over new abortion law

In Texas, USA, abortion is banned after six weeks of pregnancy.

America: controversy over new abortion law
Controversy over new abortion law

Social activists have appealed to the Supreme Court to stop this law and said that it violates the constitutional rights of women. The new law will come into force from September 1. Abortion rights groups filed an emergency appeal to the US Supreme Court on August 30 to block the law. Groups providing 'Planned Parenthood', abortion services, and other services for women told the court that the law would "immediately and disastrously strip women in Texas of abortion rights". Because of this law, "85 percent of abortion patients in Texas will not get care" and many abortion clinics will also be closed. In July, these groups challenged the law in federal court in the Texas capital Austin. He had said that the law violates the constitutional right of women to have an abortion.

The law, passed on May 19, is also strange in a way that it gives every citizen the right to file a lawsuit against anyone who helps a woman who has an abortion after the six-week deadline. Such a law is called a 'heartbeat' abortion ban, and many such laws have been introduced in states with Republican governments. The purpose of these laws is that abortion should not be possible after the cardiac tissue of the fetus has been detected. A legal battle This often happens after the completion of six weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes women do not even know about the pregnancy until this time comes. Many courts have stayed such restrictions because they violate the landmark Supreme Court ruling in the 1973 Roe v. Wade case.

After this decision, abortion was legally recognized in the whole country. The state of Mississippi has even appealed to the Supreme Court to overturn the 'Roe v. Wade' decision. Under a law passed in the state in 2018, abortion was banned after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Supreme Court judges will hear this appeal in October and a decision is expected by June 2022. The Texas case filed in Hope Texas appeals to the Supreme Court to prevent judges, county clerks, and other state officials from enforcing the new law through cases filed by citizens. Those who filed the case have also filed a case against the director of an anti-abortion group.

He says that this group has threatened to take action under the new law itself. Earlier a federal judge had rejected an attempt to quash the case. Soon after, an appeal was filed in a lower court and the court stayed further hearing in the case. Organizations providing abortion services had also appealed to the same court to stop the new law, but on August 29, the court rejected their request. On August 30, the petitioners requested the Supreme Court to either put a stay on the Texas law or allow the trial to proceed in a lower court.