America: Car mounted on Christmas parade

An unidentified person drove an SUV over people taking out a Christmas parade

America: Car mounted on Christmas parade
Car mounted on Christmas parade

In the US, in Wisconsin, an unidentified person drove an SUV over people taking out a Christmas parade. Many people have died in the incident. Whether this was a terrorist incident or not has not been confirmed. So far five people have been confirmed dead in this incident. 40 people are injured. Police have said that the death toll may increase.

The case is of the city of Waukesha in the state of Wisconsin. The population of the city is about 72,000. Waukesha Police Chief Officer Dan Thompson told reporters that a man had been taken into custody and a vehicle had also been seized. Thompson also said that it is not yet known whether the incident was related to terrorism or not. But he definitely said that there is no danger now and the order of hiding given to the people before this has been withdrawn.

In a video posted on the Internet, a red-colored SUV is seen speeding through the middle of the parade. 1462578133119373314 The car hits more than a dozen people and goes over them. Later some people come running from the sidewalk for help. Thompson said that a policeman had also opened fire on the SUV to prevent the accident. He said that there was no retaliatory firing from inside the vehicle. In another video of the incident on social media, it appears that the police are firing bullets at the vehicle while hitting the roadblocks.

Mexican factory worker Belen Santamaria, 39, was watching the parade from the sidewalk with her husband and three-year-old daughter. "The SUV came at full speed. After that I heard people screaming," Santamaria said. Another woman told on TV channel in nearby downtown Milwaukee that the SUV hit a team of girls aged nine to 15. hit. Children's Wisconsin Hospital said on Twitter that 15 patients have been brought to it and all are still alive.