Agreement on international agreement to prevent future epidemics

An international agreement has been drafted to save the world from epidemics like the coronavirus in the future.

Agreement on international agreement to prevent future epidemics
International agreement on the pandemic

The World Health Organization, led by the US and Europe, has prepared this draft. In view of the need for united international efforts at the right time to prevent the spread of the epidemic, the World Health Organization has prepared a proposal. On Sunday, officials said that the draft of the proposal is ready and will be presented to the health ministers of various countries in the three-day meeting of the WHO starting on Monday. This proposal has been prepared due to the new threats posed by the new variant of the coronavirus, Omicron. It is expected that this agreement will be ready by May 2024.

The agreement has provisions ranging from sharing of data and genome sequences to equitable distribution of vaccines and medicines. US, India disagree UK Ambassador to the United Nations Simon Manley said in a statement, "Agreement on the formation of a team to prepare an international agreement on the pandemic is just the beginning. The kind of cooperative and resilient attitude shown The expectation of good results from him has increased.” Apart from Britain, the European Union and 70 countries in the rest of the world have agreed on the need for a deal that can make different countries legally binding, although last week officials said that the US, Brazil, and India are not ready to make such a binding agreement. Did not agree. A European diplomat said, "A draft has been agreed which is satisfactory to us.

This has also given away to America, which has now come together." Another diplomat said that this is a good result and everyone is happy about the agreement on a common language. The threat of Omicron increased, the coronavirus has so far made more than 26 crore people its victims in the world, out of which 54.5 lakh people have lost their lives. More dangerous forms of this virus are coming to the fore, which started from Wuhan, China in December 2019. Photos: Looks like Coronavirus Last week South Africa reported the Omicron variant to WHO which has now spread to many countries.

Although South African doctors say that the symptoms of this virus are not very severe at the moment, taking precautions, many countries have closed their borders. Omicron patients have been found in Australia, the Netherlands, and Denmark. Many countries have banned the people of South Africa from coming here. Israel has completely closed its borders. Australia has allowed only its citizens to come from many southern countries of the continent of Africa.