A billionaire who won elections in the name of 'aam aadmi'

The slogan of the election campaign of Jonas Gar Stor was Aam Aadmi.

A billionaire who won elections in the name of 'aam aadmi'
Aam Aadmi

The slogan of the election campaign of Jonas Gar Stor was Aam Aadmi. But Storr, who is set to become Norway's new prime minister, is a billionaire who at first glance appears to be a common man. The leadership of this government may be in the hands of 61-year-old Store, who is currently trying to forge alliances with various parties. Storr's election campaign was based on the slogan to end inequality in Norway. He raised the issue of the growing gap between the rich and the poor in the country. Although Norway is one of the most equal societies in developed countries, the number of billionaires in the country has more than doubled under the rule of the right-wing party in government so far. During his campaign rich in heritage, Store repeatedly said, "Now it is the turn of the common people." Although his slogan is contrary to his life.

He is the owner of assets worth more than 15 million dollars. But in his explanation, he says, "My wealth is not simple, but many of my things are simple." Photos: Today are children, tomorrow will be the king of queen Stoler has also inherited the politics that was saved from him. Former Prime Minister Yens Stoltenberg has been his friend and guide and following in his footsteps, Storr has come so close to the post of Prime Minister today. In the Stoltenberg government, he served between 2005 and 2012. He was the Minister of External Affairs and then the Minister of Health in 2012-13.

However, handing over the command of the Labor Party, which usually represents the workers and employees, to a billionaire, was not embraced by many people. The personality of the store is full of contrasts and variations. He studied science in Paris and also spent a few days at the London School of Economics. He was a researcher at Harvard Law School. His personality has the dazzle of billionaires, as well as the carelessness of technocrats. He speaks fine French which makes him look like a rich man. And this is what many of his leftist colleagues in the Labor Party do not like. An editor once said of Storr as having "climbed the social ladder from the opposite side". He was criticized for doing it.

The Art of Keeping Everyone Happy Political analyst Johannes Bregg said of him before the election, "He is a leader who is often ridiculed, an intellectual who seems like an outsider in the Labor Party, but he did well in the campaign." Work done." Almost everyone is convinced of Storr's oratory. Although some also say that Storr uses this trait to mislead. His mentor Stoltenberg, handing him over to the party leadership, said, "Jonas is an extraordinary man. He knows a lot. And can work hard. He uses all this combined with the quality of keeping the people around him happy.