10 Afghan civilians were killed in the attack

The US has said that no action will be taken against any American soldiers and officers for the Kabul airstrike

10 Afghan civilians were killed in the attack
Drone airstrike

10 Afghan civilians were killed in this drone airstrike. This strike was carried out on 29 August 2021, a few days after the Taliban occupation of Kabul.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had received a high-level review report of the airstrike that did not recommend accountability. The US admitted in September that 10 civilians, including seven children, had been killed in a drone strike. “From what we saw here, the execution and procedural incidents were not the results of negligence, misconduct, and poor leadership,” Kirby said.

No violation of law was found in the high-level inquiry into the airstrike. But those involved were barred from being completely acquitted. It was told that such decisions should be left to the commanders. After this two senior commanders recommended not to punish anyone. Now the investigative committee has acquitted all American soldiers and officers responsible for the attack.

The US had claimed to have killed the Islamic State of Khorasan terrorists in the airstrike, but later media reports came to know that ordinary people had died in the strike. US Air Force Inspector General Lt. Gen. Sami Said early reports called the airstrike a tragic but honest mistake.